Snippy – Linux Text Expander for KDE and Mint

Today I published this to my Github:

In 2015 I was working as the single point of contact for a company’s support email queue, and had many common questions which could be answered with a ‘canned reply’. Instead of copy-pasting from an existing file – taking time to CTRL+F or open different files, copy-tab-paste – I wanted something I could manually trigger from the keyboard in as few strokes as possible.

Fast forward to 2019 when I switched to KDE as my desktop environment, and the previous script I had didn’t work out of the box again. So; an hour of tinkering and here we are with a KDE text expander.

I plan on cleaning this up greatly, maybe adding help / man files, a way to easily add snippets (via a context menu instead of manual file creation), and to include this as part of my forthcoming CLI Tools package. Maybe an easy ‘install’ script (checking for prerequisites, setting up custom keyboard shortcut etc.)