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Whether you need a professional website today, or an automation for everyday tasks, we got you covered!

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About Us

With 20 years' professional experience in Technology, we're able to tackle any bits, bugs, or business needs head-on! Experienced via direct employment with Fortune 100 companies such as Dell, Cisco, and Ford, you know you're getting the best!

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Professional Tech Services

Project Management

Need someone to steer the ship? Have deadlines to meet? Need someone who can interface with C-level execs, techs, and non-techs alike? Look no further.


Today's solutions require robust, hands-off systems. Whether automated SMS marketing or monthly reports, we can make this a reality!

Web dev

Unlike Wix or Squarespace, our websites are fast, modern, clean, no ads, and can be used for eCommerce. All-in-one solutions (hosting, domain, design and content) are our forte!


Upgrading to a 10Gb fiber link due to saturation? Need a wireless survey to best determine AP placement? Been there. Done that.


Need someone to setup your Group Policy or Active Directory -- even if you have Mac computers? Someone to handle printer problems? Look no further.


Red team and blue team services | Physical / on-site security consultation | Access Controls | HIPAA Compliance | Best practices for IoT and web security.

Smartphone Apps

Got an idea for an app? We can build cross-platform smartphone apps quickly and inexpensively!


Just need an estimate on a project? Want a second opinion? Need to fact-check? Drop us a line!


See all my adventures in technology here.


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